I’m American.

Rather, Caucasian-American, which means that I have the blood of numerous European (and potentially other) ancestors pumping through my veins.

To be more specific, I am primarily of German, Polish and Norwegian descent. I am second generation German and third generation Norwegian on my dad’s side, and my mother’s side came over from Poland in the 1800’s, so who knows what generation I am there.

Also: I love food. I am a veritable foodie, and enjoy cooking and baking in my small but efficient kitchen in the Chicago suburbs. I frequently take my taste buds on tour around the area as well, tasting cuisines from across the world in many ethnic restaurants.

However, having grown up primarily on spaghetti, burgers, pizza and curry (yes, curry – my stepmother is from South Asia, so I had a rather unusual culinary upbringing), and with my mother passing away when I was young and almost both sets of grandparents dying before I was born – save one grandparent who died when I was only six years old – I have very little idea of the types of food my fore-mothers and fathers ate before me. Sure, I visit restaurants nearby to get a taste of Schnitzel, Kiev and Kolatchkys, but it’s not the same as having it at home, and knowing the stories behind the food of “my people.”

So, that’s why I started this blog. To gain a better understanding of my heritage through one of my favorite things: food.